Predisposición Genética

Para el mítico debate…(Sacado de TheScientificCartoonist)

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15 Responses to Predisposición Genética

  1. Sophie says:

    Pobrecicas mías xD

  2. sonicando says:

    y si no mueren a la primera, creéme que volverán…

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    • Robbie says:

      Philippe Laurent: la &ltpÂo; rÃu©cuqéraaion politique », ben voyons. Admettez, de votre côté, que la majorité des Français aient voulu signifier son congé à votre homme, et accordez-vous au processus démocratique! Sinon il vous reste la Corée du Nord ou la Chine, je crois me souvenir que l’UMP a signé des accords avec le PC chinois: voilà votre Eldorado!

  4. gigantplsa says:

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    • Patsy says:

      C’est sure que ce n’ai pas bon pour la ligne, mais ne faut pas non plus ce privé de la bonne bouffe hahaha , une bonne marche après 2 ou 3 beignet très rea0bmcndamle&#823o;.

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  7. Johnetta says:

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  9. You know what, I’m very much inclined to agree.

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  12. http://www./ says:

    I totally agree. In reality, our interpretation is way behind the calling anyway. I guess my concern is more on variants like indels or structural variants, that can arguably be more damaging than the non-synonymous SNP we find here and there, that some software doesn’t even try to call. Ignoring these is convenient, but maybe not the best strategy. No good answer though, I agree.

  13. http://www./ says:

    Brother Tim,Thanks,…that helps as well. I agree with you that all of us should not simply be quiet on biblical teachings that are more steeped in tradition and/or distinctives, but should measure those teachings based upon the inerrant Word of God.I’m not sure that Nathan is calling for quietness and necessarily co-existency in his methods.I could be wrong though…Blessing,Chris

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