Jefes y Ordenadores

Otra situación cotidiana sacada de la manga de Jorge Cham, en PHDcomics

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8 Responses to Jefes y Ordenadores

  1. Myriam says:

    Creo que el 90% de los becarios nos sentiremos identificados con esta viñeta… Cuántas veces habré tenido que convertir un Word a PDF o hacer algo en una presentación de Power Point…

  2. Tents says:

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    • Queenie says:

      I’ve suddenly developed a red, itchy rash on my face and the only thing I can think of that I’ve changed in the addition of flax to my di0e#&823t; But no stomach pain or anything like the nightmare others have gone through. Do I need to look for another cause? Thanks so much!

  3. Sanem says:

    Aren’t we exaggerating a llitte bit?I have tenure:*) Compared to other people my age, my net worth is far lower. In real-life, this means that my house, my car, and my TV are smaller, than many people who didn’t even get a college education. I do not deny that I am privileged, but that is only because I am free to pursue my research interests. I’m neither privileged by my salary or working conditions. Far from it.*) My job security is not exceptional and not “all powerful”: if my unit ever goes away, I do lose my job. This is no different from the kind of job security I had as a government researcher. Again, there is no way people would stick with academic job without tenure unless you increase salaries: the best people would move off to government labs and industry. This is not a good deal for universities.My view is the tenure system is a distortion of life granted to the privileged. Sort of like a mandarin in the Soviet Union. Tenure guarantees job safety. But in real life there is no guarantee for *any* job. Tenured people can give you endless rationalization, but all are self-serving excuses. I have never seen so many educated people talking so dumb when it comes to their privileged club.

  4. Hey, that’s the greatest! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

  5. L’Evo 3D a plus de RAM que le sensation, donc oui plus puissant. ça se voit car Sense plus fluide déjà, donc oui c’est l’étendard d’HTC.Après les gros changement arriveront avec les quatre-coeur je pense.

  6. Tillykke. Ej hvor sejt. Det er ikke hver dag det sker. Har i brug for en til Evt. bare 3 timer om ugen….Jeg har fÃ¥et bugt med den største stress/angst faktor… Har fÃ¥et orden pÃ¥ min økonomi Hvor sejt er det lige??????? Den er stram det næste Laaaannnnggeeee stykke tid, men der er styr pÃ¥ den.Tak fordi du har denne side, Dorthe. Det er til stor støtte og opmuntring.

  7. Estupendo artículo. Sólo deseo que mantengáis esos mágicos árboles a salvo de tanto pirómano como pueblan esas tierras y cuya mano negra sonó este año 2011 por esa maravillosa tierra con total impunidad.

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