Why Bother?

Así se levanta un país y se malacostumbra a un jefe…

Como siempre, sacado de phdcomics


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7 Responses to Why Bother?

  1. Open says:

    Bee, you surely must know how the postodc & tenure systems work before you plunged into PhD work. Are you having some regrets because you seem not to fully accept the ‘defective’ system you find yourself. My view is the tenure system is a distortion of life granted to the privileged. Sort of like a mandarin in the Soviet Union. Tenure guarantees job safety. But in real life there is no guarantee for *any* job. Tenured people can give you endless rationalization, but all are self-serving excuses. I have never seen so many educated people talking so dumb when it comes to their privileged club. Removing the tenure system will benefit education and research. Performing staff will enjoy permanent employment under renewable long term contract (5-10 years). That’s long enough to allow unhindered risky research even in academia. Fail to perform and your contract will not be renewed.The problem is not how to gain tenure. The problem is how to remove it from academia.

  2. Juice [70];Q for the LA: Can I see an inside picture? No? That bad, huh? Unfinished construction of indeterminate quality, just sitting around rotting? How long have those basement windows been open to animals and elements?Methinks land value – demo costs and start again.

  3. gna gna gna@georges: oui, mais tu n'as ni l'ambiance, ni les conseils du vendeur (ah, ben remarque, finalement, chez Ikea non plus).@Eric: j'ai une bonne recette de scones ;)@MarieDK: Oui mais nous on n'est dispo que le week-end…

  4. Jesus, I wouldn't go that far — Lee's way the hell out there in his beliefs. Good guy but I don't agree with him on much of anything, certainly not his unwillingness to compromise.

  5. This wedding is a big ball of epicness! great work to all who were involved. Joey, your work is looking over the top amazing. I’m glad i had a chance to catch up on some of your latest work today. So much good stuff to inspire me. thank you.

  6. Hi Jennifer! Thank you! I’m so glad you are enjoying them Yes, there are more stories planned. In fact, I am in the process of writing Skate’s story, as well as Jacob’s. The kind of happen in tandem, so I am writing them at teh same time to make sure I keep the story line straight. I hope to be finished soon!

  7. Maverick says:

    Hi Tom, great shots,I can certainly see why they are your favorites! It is fun to open your link and see all the new amazing photos, it is like opening a gift that you can then share to others:)Thank you for sharing your gift with ot2s8e&#rh30;.

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