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  • Bee, you surely must know how the postodc & tenure systems work before you plunged into PhD work. Are you having some regrets because you seem not to fully accept the ‘defective’ system you find yourself. My view is the tenure system is a distortion of life granted to the privileged. Sort of like a mandarin in the Soviet Union. Tenure guarantees job safety. But in real life there is no guarantee for *any* job. Tenured people can give you endless rationalization, but all are self-serving excuses. I have never seen so many educated people talking so dumb when it comes to their privileged club. Removing the tenure system will benefit education and research. Performing staff will enjoy permanent employment under renewable long term contract (5-10 years). That’s long enough to allow unhindered risky research even in academia. Fail to perform and your contract will not be renewed.The problem is not how to gain tenure. The problem is how to remove it from academia.

  • Juice [70];Q for the LA: Can I see an inside picture? No? That bad, huh? Unfinished construction of indeterminate quality, just sitting around rotting? How long have those basement windows been open to animals and elements?Methinks land value – demo costs and start again.

  • Hi Jennifer! Thank you! I’m so glad you are enjoying them Yes, there are more stories planned. In fact, I am in the process of writing Skate’s story, as well as Jacob’s. The kind of happen in tandem, so I am writing them at teh same time to make sure I keep the story line straight. I hope to be finished soon!

Blog de Ciencia y Música

Lucas Sánchez (1983)

Nací en Valencia y estudié Bioquímica en la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Investigué durante casi 10 años en el Centro Nacional de Biotecnología en el diseño de vacunas para enfermedades prevalentes en el tercer mundo. Durante todos aquellos años tonteé todo lo que pude con el periodismo y la divulgación científica, escribiendo para Público, Materia, Naukas y más recientemente para El País y Radio Nacional de España. Finalmente decidí montar mi propia agencia de comunicación científica: Scienseed.

Fuera del ámbito científico fui guitarrista de los Leftover Lights, banda con la que edité dos discos de estudio “Turning the lights on” (2012) y “Universe” (2014). He escrito una novela que se llama “Impostores” (2012) y, desde entonces, siempre está a puntito de salir la segunda.