[Lang_es]Ciencia y Familia[/Lang_es][Lang_en]Science & Family[/Lang_en]

[Lang_es]Como es normal en los cómics de Jorge Cham, no se aleja un ápice de la realidad que se vive en los laboratorios…[/Lang_es][Lang_en]As usual in comics by Jorge Cham, do not withdraw anything from the reality experienced in the laboratory …[/lang_en]

[Lang_es]Sacado de PHDcomics. [/Lang_es][Lang_en] Picture from PHDcomics. [/Lang_en]


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  1. Stellar post brah, I totaly was delighted by this post. I’ll be sure to forward this to a few friends who would, odds are, love to read over this post too. Found your blog through the Google search engine by the way, incase you were curious. Thanks again! 🙂

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