Nature VS Science VS Open Access

Como siempre, sacado de la pluma de Jorge Cham, PHDcomics

¿Lo discutimos en comentarios?


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6 Responses to Nature VS Science VS Open Access

  1. EC-JPR says:

    Hmmmm… No sé, es un tema que no acabo de tener claro. Yo soy el primero al que le jode eso de clicar en PubMed y que te salga la ventanita para que pongas la clave (por eso apoquiné la suscripción al New England), y es cierto que las editoriales de las revistas inducen sus sesgos. Pero eso también se traduce en mayor selección y mayor calidad: ¿es eso suficiente para justificar el pago? Dudas, dudas… 😳

  2. Héctor says:

    Bufff, ni idea. Supongo que es un mal necesario. A mi me fastidia tb bastante no poder acceder a veces a las revistas, pero como tampoco tengo necesidad me aguanto. Me nutro de las revistas gratuítas cuando puedo 😀 Ke le vamos a hacer 😉

    • Retta says:

      That’s probably a question for a wider audience. NIST research related to tissue engineering concentrates largely on more fundamental issues such as how to better control or improve the process. Some other readers might be more familiar with work on specific therapeutic apaopcitilns.

    • This site is like a classroom, except I don’t hate it. lol

    • So happy to find your blog. Was doing a research on Illuminations (which I am thinking of switching my 10th grader to) and happened upon your blog. Have enjoyed looking through your curriculum for your different ages. We have a wide range of ages too. I will tell you that my FIAR days with my four oldest were some of the best homeschool memories ever. We still talk about the things we did and those books became good friends. It is a wonderful curriculum! Have a blessed day! Julie

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